Asphalt Hotbox Reclaimers

KM International’s line of asphalt hotbox reclaimers enables asphalt patching crews to maintain hotmix asphalt temperatures for up to 3 days. All KM hotboxes are also reclaimer type units allowing users to reheat bulk stored or virgin hotmix asphalt material. With several sizes and options available, KM has an asphalt hotbox to fit the needs and budget of any municipality.

Benefits of Owning an Asphalt Hotbox Reclaimer:

  • Asphalt temperatures can be maintained for up to 3 days.
  • It provides the ability to reclaim bulk-stored or excess hotmix asphalt.
  • It offers the ability to use hotmix asphalt year-round, increasing the reliability of pothole repair.
  • Eliminate reoccurring potholes.
  • Reduce or eliminate dependency on expensive cold patch material.
  • It’s perfect for pothole patching or any other asphalt repairs.
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I’ve used units from other manufactures, and there is NO comparison to yours.   The quality is far more superior to the others, and the unit is designed to keep the operator safe. I purchased a Hotbox earlier this year, and the experience was just as great.  K&M you have a customer for life!!

Jeffery S
USA Striping

The people at KM were not only interested in selling the equipment, they wanted to educate us on the infrared process. Infrared Repair is now a full service we offer, and we use KM International equipment because it is quality and they provide “personalized” service. They are never too busy for the customer.

Ryan A
Birmingham Sealcoat

The friendly staff at KM INTERNATIONAL showed me how to operate the KM 4000 and we immediately started to stock pile our extra asphalt and have used this machine numerous times with hot available asphalt all day long. Waste is no longer an issue.

Paul H
Hollingsworth Parking Lot Maintenance

I purchased a KM 4-48 and KM 4000 hot box in May … since then I am very happy with the units and have increased my gross income by 25%-30%. I am very happy with the equipment, personnel, and company (KM International), and HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking to expand their asphalt maintenance business.

Lyle B
Beyerlein Sealing Co.

The KM hot box is the most used piece of equipment in our asphalt maintenance program and I am very happy to report we have had no issues with this unit after two years of more use than we anticipated. As a smaller community we only have one asphalt hot box, so reliability is of utmost importance to us.

Dan B
City of Auburn Hills Public Works

We have using this machine (KM 55) for a month now and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My crew wanted to know why I didn’t get one years ago. No more babysitting the crack seal machine, no more noise from the large trailer units, and no more worry that the direct fire unit will blow up at some point and hurt somebody.

Zach R
Central Oregon Asphalt

We purchased a Hot Box and an Infrared Recycler from KM International in April and it has taken our company to levels we never imagined.
The owners and staff at KM International are second to none in customer service and professionalism. We at Semper Fi Paving are absolutely honored to be a part of the KM International family and can’t wait to see what the future holds. We cannot thank KM International enough. SEMPER FI

Chris & Rob Jewell
Semper Fi Paving Co.

I just wanted to take a minute and comment on Cliff and the “KMers”. I’ve been a repeating customer of Keizer Morris for 11 years now, buying equipment that ranges from 6000 gallon bulk tanks to hot boxes, IR machines and crack melters. In those 11 years, I’ve found Cliff to be the best of the best, working as a partner to my business instead of a salesman. He and all of the people I’ve had dealings with at Keizer Morris have been nothing but honest, helpful and truly interested in doing what’s best for their customers. It’s tough to find that level of commitment anymore.

Tim Smeltz
Great America Sealcoating

Asphalt Reclaiming Vs Recycling: What you need to know

We at KM International believe in equipping our customers with the most suitable equipment to help them in achieving their goal. KM International would like to take this time to clarify the difference between asphalt RECYLING and RECLAIMING, and more importantly the equipment necessary to achieve these two processes.

Asphalt Reclaiming

The process of reheating bulk stored, un-compacted virgin hot mix asphalt back to its original temperature of 350˚F and into a malleable state. This reheating process takes place by means of a heat source in static asphalt hotbox reclaimer without adding any additional additives.

As stated above the reclaiming process can be achieved in an asphalt hotbox reclaimer.

Asphalt Recycling

Asphalt recycling is the process of taking asphalt millings, chunks, or pulverized and recycling that material back to its original consistency and temperature of 350˚F. To properly recycle you need not only a heating source but a rotating drum to break down, dry out, and evenly encapsulate reintroduced asphalt cement.

The process of asphalt recycling can be achieved in an asphalt recycler such as the KM T-2.

Think about it this way.. 

Compare asphalt recycling and reclaiming to baking a cake

When you are making a cake you put all the ingredients into a bowl and then use mixer to mix the ingredients together then put it in the oven and 30 minutes later you have a cake, but what if you didn’t mix the ingredients in the bowl and just dumped everything in then put it in the oven, you would come out with a big mess.

Asphalt recycling is the same thing, think of the millings as the cake batter and the asphalt cement as the eggs, if you don’t have a way to mix the ingredients you are not going to come out with a quality material.

So when someone says you can RECYCLE in a static hotbox, ask how can a static hotbox mix the new asphalt cement evenly, how it can completely dry out the millings, do your proper homework.

The reason a hotbox reclaimer will reheat virgin material is because virgin material still encapsulates the asphalt cement added at the plant so it has not lost any of it chemical properties. Reclaiming is just the process of reheating.